Manor Village Advantages

Live in a one or two-bedroom unit and enjoy an on premises dietary coach. Residents have access to alert meditation, housekeeping services, and if required, an onsite substance abuse counselor. When living alone, these amenities are not easily accessed. Seniors are aided with bathing, and dressing if necessary. This assistance does not lessen their feeling of independence. Many are able to interact with community members daily.

Manor Village provides massage therapy for the relaxation of residents in room or at the homes massage facility. If seniors have problems sleeping, they can visit the sleep therapist and de-stress with the help of caregivers. The aging process for some becomes debilitating, and care is necessary. When this happens, manor Village’s trained staff is there with professional caregivers and active medical contacts. The facility provides the option of spouse accommodations too. As care needs expand, the living facility can increase care as needed.

Many seniors are staying active longer. Moving to a senior living community provides a social environment that is extremely positive and carefree. The burden of preparing meals is no longer a part of the daily grind. They are free to live a life of leisure while getting any assistance necessary.


Neighbors are kind. However, sometimes seniors are preyed upon, and security becomes a problem when living alone. This involves leaving stoves on, doors unlocked, heating devices on, and driving dangerously. The simplest daily activities can become a security risk. In addition, the chances of break-ins, exasperated by hearing loss issues, place seniors further at risk.

Even without health care needs, seniors are making the decision to live in assisted living homes. The stress is less, and the company of others is comforting. Meeting new people and feeling the security of help being there in minutes is important. Families worry less, and the parent keeps his or her independence.

The comfort of knowing there are people to help if needed is important. Residents can always find a conversation or someone to be there when they are feeling unwell, no matter the time of day, or night. Loneliness and lack of purpose are detrimental to a person at any age. However, it weighs exceptionally heavy on the elderly, since they are less able to solve the problem with outside activity and some lack family connections. Retirement communities like Manor Village have round the clock attendants to take care of guests.

Phoenix, Arizona also provides seniors with discount advantages while shopping and eating out. The city offers tour deals, and there is no tax on social security benefits. Living in a retirement community holds multiple advantages.