HIPAA Compliant Messaging

textingHIPAA  Texting Compliant Messaging refers to a way of secure communication that is mostly used by healthcare organizations as well as other related businesses to safeguard their health information. The kind of information sought to be protected is the electronic protected health information (ePHI). The compliant messaging also facilitates an open flow of the patient information that is sensitive between users who are authorized by the healthcare organizations. The various apps and platforms that guarantee the secure messaging are in accordance with the standards required in the healthcare industry.

They provide an alternative option to the traditional form of text messaging which is not that safe. Most healthcare organizations have adopted the use of the HIPAA compliant messaging to keep their communications safe as well as comply with their industry regulations. However, as much as this secure messaging standards work well, there are some challenges that healthcare organizations face while trying to stay HIPAA compliant with the modern technology. An example is the challenge of securing the smart phone communications like the Instant Messaging which is discussed in detail below.

Challenges of Securing Smart Phone Communications like Instant Messaging

In the recent past, more and more organizations as well as business entities are employing smart phones as their choice mode of their communication tools. The smart phones are also used as means of organizing and planning the work of such businesses and organizations. This has led to the changes in the way information systems of various companies used to be in the past. Consequently smart phones have become the new sources of risks as they are used to collecting and sampling loads of sensitive information.

This makes it necessary for there to be measures put in place to control the access to such sensitive information. This is in order to protect the intellectual property of a company as well as their privacy to their sensitive information. Smart phones just like computers are now becoming the targets of various attacks due to the weaknesses that theyphone security have in terms of their communication means. Smart phones use several means of communication like instant messaging, multimedia messaging services, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks and also GSM. There are also other attacks that seek to exploit the software vulnerabilities of the smart phones in their web browsers and operating system. This is the reason there are various security measures and counter-measures being developed to be applied on smart phones in order to enhance the security of the various end users who use them.